LIV MCCOY is nothing less then her heart’s voice speaking with her purest tongue. Her melodies rich with exotic harmonies and rhythm, her silky voice soaring into the ears, the hearts of listeners, driving them to feel the emotion, the fire of her music’s ecstasy.

Singing came to LIV late in her music career. As a child prodigy, piano was the instrument which spoke to her  through the timeless masters. Composition took next and became her most dominant form of artistic expression. Singing allowed Liv to round out her musical artistry, giving her, quite literally, a voice with which to speak to the world.

LIV’S music is a unique combination of Classical/World/Pop/Adult Contemporary/R&B and Soul elements. Creating arrangements to support her haunting, beautiful voice, her songs present a musical wonderland. Her mesmerizing and sensual sounds are one of a kind, speaking to our most primal emotions.